A Passion for Illustrating


It has been a while since I last blogged because I have been soooooo busy with my academics for the past few months. However, this month’s workload is a lot lighter so I can manage to squeeze in some time for blogging. Those who really know me KNOW that I have a passion for drawing. I like drawing people – their faces, clothes, shoes, etc. And I love to color (though it can be a challenge sometimes).


I thinkΒ the first rendering medium I fell in love with way back when I was a kid was colored pencils. Aside from crayons, they are really the ones you can be able to get familiar with at an early age. The market offers a bunch of brands in different packaging, but I always go back to the trusted Faber-Castell. The brand offers quality colored pencils in different sets. I have the 36-pack and I also have a pack of their watercolor pencils. I absolutely love them both.


When I first entered Architecture school, I was introduced to the use of felt-tip markers in different uhmmmm what do they call them…points? line weights? line thickness? Oh well, you understand what I mean! πŸ™‚ I usually use the brands UNIPIN or ARTLINE, but here I used PIGMA, which I believe is the first time I used this brand and they work well too! I bought a set of 6 (4 PIGMA MICRON pens, 1 brush pen, and 1 gelly roll white pen) from the new Hey Kessy store in UP Town Center.


Hopefully, I’ll have more time to draw in the coming months even though 1st semester classes are about to begin again. If I do, maybe I’ll share more of my works here! πŸ™‚

I hope you like this kind of blog posts!



Geek Chic


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